“She opened it and saw the baby. He was crying, and she felt sorry for him. “This is one of the Hebrew babies,” she said. Ex 2:6 (NIV)

The princess was not assuming as she spoke. She was very sure of what she was saying as “She opened it (the basket) and saw the baby. He was crying, and she felt sorry for him”. The baby in the basket was a Hebrew child. She knew what the Hebrew children were going through. She knows the decree and understands when it was promulgated by her Father, king Pharaoh. She knows when it was effected and how it was very strict. She is aware that the decree was only targeted at the Hebrews who are slaves under her nation. She is aware that the Hebrew children are the only target in her father’s draconian decree. No wonder she confidently declared, “This is one of the Hebrew babies”. She was not guessing nor assuming about his identity. She knows that no Egyptian baby will be in such a place at such a time. Even the skin and the outlook of Hebrew children are different from that of the Egyptian. She knows that the Egyptian babies are not meant to be thrown in the river nor will Egyptian woman throw her baby into the river Nile.

Ah, but the Nile river she came to bathe was a burial ground for Hebrew children especially the boys. The river the women of Egyptian go for picnic is the same river that Hebrew women babies are thrown. What an irony! No Hebrew woman or ladies may be allowed to go to the beautiful sight of River Nile for leisure. How can they take pleasure in the same river that was consuming their children? How will they be free to relax in the grave yard of many Hebrew boys. How can they take pleasure when there are in pains and sorrow of their children that have been destroyed and the ones yet unborn? How can they be making merry in a river that is the source of their mourning?

The little boy was crying

Yes, the baby was crying just as other Hebrew children have cried to death. He was crying and expecting the mother’s hands to take him out of this strange place he has come to suddenly. The weather and the environment was not conducive. The baby could not feel the mother’s touch. He could not feel the warmth embrace of his mother. Oh! The baby missed the cuddle and the lullaby that lured him to sleep. The only touch the baby now feels is the touch of the basket with papyrus reeds. It was different and strange from the usual touch he knows.

The baby was crying profusely expectant to hear the mother’s sweet voice that brings assurance to his heart. That voice that soothes his ears. The voice that brings hope to his heart. The mother’s voice that is different from every voice.

The baby kept crying and sobbing and whining because it has not been this way before. Mummy has not done this before and it was sure that Mummy will hear its voice and come. The baby knew that mummy has always been very close right from birth. Mummy has not allowed him to cry out this long.

The baby was crying and expectant to see mummy’s smile as she feeds him. He was crying because of hunger. He has been taking breastmilk all this while. May be the baby was on exclusive breastmilk those three months. He has become used to the precious and powerful substance that comes out of mummy’s breast. The milk that lures him to sleep comfortably. The milk that brings smile and strength. Ah! The tears were real! The baby cried indeed! But lo, mummy was not insight!

This Must be one of the Hebrew Children

“She opened it and saw the baby. He was crying, and she felt sorry for him. “This is one of the Hebrew babies,” she said. Ex 2:6 (NIV)

Brethren, the identity of the Christian youth and children is not hidden especially under insurgency. You do not need a prophet to tell you the plight, suffering and the sorrow of Christian children and youth. when you see them in the market you know that these are Christian youth. You can know them by their words, actions, dressing, etc. we are in the same shoe with the Israelites.

Our children and youths are going through serious attacks from every corner. They are dying every day like the Hebrew children in times of slavery by Pharaoh. In schools and campuses, it is very easy to identify Christian girls by the way they dressed. It is very easy to know a Christian by name and identify him for persecution. Many have been denied jobs, admission, promotion etc. because they bear Christian names and are Christians. Many Christian girls have been defiled by unbelievers. They will identify, isolate, concentrate and put them under pressure until they are wasted.

Look at Leah Sharibu

Leah Sharibu, a young Christian girl was not allowed to be set free because she refuse to deny her faith. Her mates have been released and have been reunited with their families. They were captured at the same time, from the same school but were released without her. Her where about is still unknown. The question is why was she not allowed to come back when the ransom was paid on them?

Brethren, the attack against church is known. It is a planned issue that is been executed with a design. The insurgency against the body of Christ especially against our children is not accidental. It is designed from the pit of hell and is being executed through human instrument. We must also arise to become human instrument that God will use to ensure that the will of God is not truncated.

Strategic location

We must not be fearless and careless in this time. Moses’ elder sister took advantage of the singular opportunity to ask for a permission to find a Hebrew nurse. She was strategically located and acted strategically.  She was also intentional and proactive. She went to the princess even when she was not invited. God has strategically located you as teacher to become a channel that will stand to defend the course of the gospel. You must be active and never passive. You must not wait to be called before you do the business of your master. Do not wait to be ordained before you act to save the life of that girl. Do not say it is the Pastor’s that should lead others to CHRIST. God has given you that job for His kingdom agenda. Like Miriam, you must arise now to ensure that Moses is not raised by a stranger. Please do not only lament about the plight of the youth in this end times. Know that end times are insurgent and injury times that must be maximized for God’s Kingdom!


No Egyptian has the capacity to raise a Hebrew child. Moses’ sister knew this and quickly offered to bring in a Hebrew nurse. God needs committed Christians who will be bold, firm, fearless and proactive in ensuring that our youths are saved in these difficult moments. They must not be allowed to remain slaves in Egypt. They do not have the capacity to train and raise an Israelite. God wants you to be involved in this business of raising and saving that baby from being ruined in the rivers around us. You can do this great work anywhere you are as a child of God. May you be found faithful in this noble task in Jesus name.

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