… And God said,

“Let us make Man in our own image,”

Male and Female He created them, with no damage…

In His image of Love,

He send His Love-letter to the world,

In the person of Jesus Christ our Lord.

In His image of Joy,

He gives you internal Joy and calls you, “My Child.”

Just as He gives joy to the birds in the wild.

In His image of Peace,

He said, “I am Jehovah Shalom,”

The God that’ll peacefully lead you home.

In His image of Patience,

He gave us a man called Job, who endured all,

As a worthy example for us not to ever fall.

In His image of Kindness,

He gave us a man called Lot, who lived in Sodom,

Yet welcomed and protected angels in his earthly dome.

In His image of Goodness,

He showers rain on all mankind,

Showing no favouritism of any kind.

In His image of Faithfulness,

He gave us faithful Tabitha,

So we can learn to be generous and not bitter.

In His image of Gentleness,

He always calms the troubled storms of our lives,

An assurance for us to trust Him as He drives.

In His image of Self-control,

He gave us Joseph, who fled from youthful lust,

As an example not to lust, but in him, put our trust.

In the making of a Man,

The nine fruit of the Spirit must be in play,

For a man after God’s heart, can’t be made with hay.

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