… And the tussle continues,

Not so sweet, not so bitter.

Something in between I guess.

It’s a dialogue between the me, I, was

And the me, I, can be.

I, was waging war against me.

Incarcerated in this cocoon called body,

Escape route for me or I, was not visible.

Solitude taste more sweeter,

Simply caught up between two worlds:

Mortality and immortality…

I, was fiercely battling me.

I, was convinced to try out bottles,

As weapons to win this battle.

It sure does the magical miracle,

But its suiting powers only last for hours…

And back to reality I, find myself,

Craving even for more.

Unfolding like a snail’s steps

Is a nice suiting thought to end it all,

At least I, will rest, loved ones too.

But how nice, doesn’t make it too wise.

It could sure be lies, so I, thought twice

And decided not to cast the dice.

Days, weeks, months, years,

Inch by inch, step by step.

Line by line, page by page.

It’s a push, it’s a struggle,

It’s an experience…

Life, they say, is happening to me.

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