Around 5:47pm on Thursday, 30th July, 2020 as I had just alighted from a tricycle (also known as Keke Napep) from a ministerial outing with the FCS Borno State EXCO. I was about to enter my house when I heard the sound of blast two times within few minutes’ interval. I thought it was bomb blasts.  Hearing gunshots and blasts is like a normal sound that does not bother many people including children in this part of the country. It seems they have seen and heard worst things than the things some of us have heard and even seen online about the insurgency in the North Eastern Nigeria

It was in the night I learnt that the explosions were caused by multiple rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) fired from unknown locations. The explosions were in the Custom Area along Tashan Bama Road with initial reports of at least two dead and dozens wounded. Those dead were reported to have increased later on.  We prayed and trusted God for His continued protection and help over our lives and the land.

Bro. Ekenna Ebere is Gone

On Friday 31st July, 2020, I was informed that Bro. Ekenna Ebere was one of the persons that died in the explosions. A young man whose future was cut short by insurgency. I was informed that he was a former FCS President in Godiya Model School, Custom. A young Christian boy whose life ended at its prime. He would have never anticipated that he will die as he woke up that morning. He had plans and ambitions that he intended to pursue. His family also did not anticipate that their son would die on that fateful day.

Bro. Ekenna Ebere represents many youth, especially Christian youth whose life have been cut short because of the insurgency. He represents many lives that have been lost through the insurgency. Yes, many lives including men, women, boys, girls and children. Their dreams and future have been cut short either by gunshots, bomb blasts and/ or other cruel means. This has claimed over 30,000 lives. And many have been kidnapped and abducted by the insurgents. Our sister, Leah Sharibu and the Chibok girls have not been released. We do not know where they are and when they will be set free.

Many Youth are dying

The war against the youth is at the peak. The lives of our youth are being eliminated through various means in these last days. This abnormality must not become normal thing for you. Apart from the insurgency by the Boko Haram, there are several weapons the enemy is using to destroy and to waste many young people around us. Rape is on the increase in our society. We have come to a stage where a 3- month old baby was raped by a 33-year-old man. Incest is also rampant in the society. Masturbation, homosexuality, lesbianism, kidnapping, pornography, internet or phone sex, cultism, abortion etc. have become a very common phenomenon in our days.

The number of casualties resulting from some of those vices are increasing every day and are much more devastating than bomb explosions. There is a sustained secret insurgency that is wasting several youths in our days. They have names like Ekenna Ebere. They have ambitions and were pursuing different dreams. Some of those youths are like dead people even though they are alive. They have lost hope and do not see any meaning to life.

I believe that you are not a stranger to the news of the destruction against the lives of youth. There was a child or a young person around you that was coming up and have been cut short because of abortion, HIV/AIDS or STIs, drug abuse, etc. Their death might have not been from a gun, bomb or a rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). However, they are gone and may never be seen again. Though, their death was not from an explosion that was alarming to the hearing of many people, those youths have gone. The news about their demise might have not even been viral like a bomb explosion. But they have gone.

The call

There is a call from heaven for men and women that will arise to rescue the children and youth from the pit of hell. Rescue them before they are ruined! Reach out to a child and show them the loving arms of Jesus who is all in all, and is willing to save and to deliver everyone that would come to him. There is a need for committed prayerful Christians to arise and stand in the gap for our land, especially the youth. Prayer will not only save us and our youth from physical attacks by the devil and the insurgents, it will also crush every plan of the enemy against the church. You can also reach out to the children and youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel does not only save us from sin and its destructive power, it also saves from the eternal damnation. Please, arise because the enemy- the devil- who has arisen several years ago is not yet tired of crushing the lives of many people as he wants. The real danger is not the bomb, but the destiny and destination of the lives of the youth.


This article is dedicated to Bro Ekenna Ebere, FCS former President of FCS Godiya Model Private School, Custom Maiduguri. He was one of those that lost his life in the explosion that took place in Maiduguri on 30th July, 2020. I also dedicate it to all those that have died as a result of the Insurgency and other forms of persecution against Christians.

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