Since 1954, Christian Leadership Courses were held each year to build up Christian Students in Northern Nigeria in the Christian faith, and to show them the need for, and the responsibilities of Christian leaders. The officers and participants on these courses were drawn from many denominations and persuasions, yet they enjoyed a wonderful experience of unity in Jesus Christ.

At the close of the 1956 course, the participants felt led by the Holy Spirit to attempt to form a Christian student organization in Northern Nigeria, which could continue with one name and identity in this God-given vision and unity, the work of evangelizing and discipling students, and hosting the Leadership Courses throughout the year. The intention was that, the new organization would not be linked with any existing organization, so that Christians with different affiliations would feel free to take part in the work.

A committee chosen to take action in the matter corresponded with those interested in student Christian work throughout the region, and after several meetings, recorded this minute on 30th April, 1957:

“The present committee, having discharged the mandate entrusted to it by the Christian leadership course of December 1956, hereby declares that the Fellowship of Christian Students in Northern Nigeria is, as of this date, 30th April 1957, a functioning organization”.

“We acknowledge our deep gratitude to God for unity of purpose, which His Spirit worked among us. As a Fellowship, we dedicate ourselves to a united Christian Student witness; we commend the Fellowship to God’s care and guidance; and we heartily invite all students who confess the name of Christ to grow in their spiritual life and to strengthen their Christian witness in communion with us.

The Fellowship thus formed is interdenominational, and includes members from both government and voluntary agency educational institutions. It is hoped that it will encourage a united Christian community in these institutions”.

The Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) was thus inaugurated on 14th December, 1957. The scope then was both Secondary and Post-Secondary Institutions in Northern Nigeria (A region comprising 19 States and FCT Abuja). In 1996, FCS National Council resolved to extend her ministry to Primary schools with the name Junior Fellowship of Christian Students (JFCS).

Similarly, in 2007, it was resolved that the Fellowship expands her frontiers to the South as a result of Macedonian Call. So, the Fellowship became fully operational in the South in 2011 with staff deployed to Cross River (based in Ogoja); Lagos State, Osun State (based in Ife) and Enugu State. The Fellowship thus, has arisen out of a definite need and the Lord’s leading and guidance. From a small and humble beginning, the work has developed into what it is today. Nationwide, thousands of lives have been influenced and brought to the Lord, and many others blessed through the ministry of the FCS.