Twinkle twinkle like a star

If your faith so glitters from afar…

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for,

And certain of things we have need for.

Though we can’t see them and touch them as such,

We must wait and trust in God so much.

Faithfulness is the fullness of trust

In a Being that made you from dust.

When you choose the path of faithfulness,

The world sees and calls it foolishness.

And though the world gives you reasons to lust,

Be strong in heart else you will be lost.

What happened to, “A ra’ayi na ni kam zan bi Yesu da gaskiya?”

What happened to, “Ni zan je da Yesu ko ina?”

What happened to, “Ko jarabobi na duniya sun fi karfina?”

Ain’t these songs meant to boost our faithfulness?

Ain’t these songs meant to help us live in righteousness?

Ain’t these songs meant to charge us to godliness?”

The world says you can have sex with multiple girls,

That this makes you a real man with class and fame,

But that is a big lie to make you fail.

Be faithful to one girl, now that’s the real game;

And to proof to your one girl that you are a man,

Be truthful and clean till you take her hand in marriage.

The world says change that little figure,

That this makes you rich and bask with vigour,

But that is a big lie that’ll make you a minor.

Be truthful in business and office,

Though your colleagues, against you, keep malice,

The Lord will lift you from being a novice.

The sail of love and life in faithfulness

Is one laced with cloudy darkness.

You won’t see or know the next step

Till you pray and seek divine help;

But Jesus is this friend so faithful and true,

To your burdens and questions he’ll give a good clue.

There are men and there are women,

But faithful men and women who can find?

If you are one, you are gold.

If you are gold, you are prey…



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